We have developed a number of financial software solutions, one of which is a Cryptocurrency Exchange. It was developed based on our extensive experience and market research. It can be purchased not only as a turn-key solution, but also as a comprehensive Software Requirements Specifications document to help you develop your own software product. 

It considers the wishes of the vast majority of users, and provides all necessary information. This document articulates, in writing, the needed capabilities, functions, innovations, and constraints of a software development project. 

Cryptocurrency exchange software requirement specifications describe all elements (functional and nonfunctional areas), how the software works and interacts with users, and what problems the software will solve. This document then serves as a “parent” document to support the design and development process.

This document can save time in multi-layer team communication including design, validation, testing and overall user acceptance.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Requirement Specifications

Table of contents:

1. Cryptocurrency exchange market positioning 


  • Distinctive features of the exchange 

  • Market Research 

    • Existing cryptocurrency exchanges types

    • Pros and cons of existing cryptocurrency exchanges 

    • Tariff policies of cryptocurrency exchanges

8. Trading terminal interface 

  • Trading terminal controls layout 

  • Currency pairs selecting

  • Current balance and position

  • Order book

  • Trading history

  • Sell/Buy order placement 

  • Monitoring and managing orders 

  • Graphical representation of trading history 

  • Switching to the user's profile 

2. Cryptocurrency exchange architecture


  • Exchange components schematic diagram

  • Database tables required for the match 

  • Queue management system 

  • API

    • Authorization

      • Login 

      • Session update

      • Logout

    • General purpose 

      • Pairs       

      • Quotation

      • Order book

      • Transactions

    • Trading API 

      • Order Placing

      • Order Cancellation 

      • Order Status 

    • Withdraw

      • Withdraw Status 

9. User profile interface 

  • Verification interface  

  • Trading terminal settings

  • Orders management

  • The history of user orders 

  • User transactions history

  • Balances – deposit and withdraw 

    • Funding management interface

    • Cryptocurrency replenishment

    • Funds withdraw page

    • Deposits and withdrawals history 

3. Authorization and identification subsystem

10. Exchange administrator account 

  • Exchange components technical monitoring and management

  • Crypto nodes control

  • Crypto transactions queue monitoring and management 

  • Communication channels monitoring

  • Technical logs

  • Backup

  • Cold wallets management

4. Directory subsystem 

5. Internal accounting subsystem 

  • Transaction classification 

11. Exchange manager profile

  • Tariff settings

  • Customers segmentation 

  • Deposit / withdraw of the exchange funds

  • Cold wallets liquidity management 

  • Exchanging funds with partner platforms 

  • Balance sheets and exchange positions

  • Payment queue management 

    • Crypto payment queue management 

    • Fiat payment queue management 

​6. Transaction matching subsystem 

  • Orders types

  • Placing orders 

  • Transactions processing

    • Activation logic of stop-limit orders 

    • Matching algorithm 

    • An example of prioritizing order processing in matching 

  • Types of fees

12. Client support subsystem 

  • Personal account manager support 

  • Support workflow settings

  • Logs

7. Reporting subsystem 

13. Crypto wallets subsystem 

14. Technical requirements 

  • Consumer metrics 

  • Hardware and software requirements

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