Modern highly automated core banking system. Modules can be purchased separately, or as a turnkey, all-in-one solution

Web and mobile applications - client access to financial products

Fintech Application Management system an application management system, with the following functions:

• Customer rights management for initiating and confirming payments

• Support of the various two-factor payment confirmation solutions

• Ensuring safe application connection with core modules.

СRM (Customer Relation Module) is a modern system built on the basis of BPM principles (Business Process Management), where all operations with customer data and products are defined as workflow and thus allow standardising their processing and interaction with external systems. Supports features:

• Remote / On board customer registration

• Verification of customer data from external sources (blacklists, scoring, etc.)

• Maintaining links between customers and products defined by law

Payment Module - a module for all incoming and outgoing payments processing. A modern system built on the basis of BPM principles. All types of payments are processed on the basis of workflow. That allows us to store additional metadata with each payment (further used in reporting and post processing payments) and also to connect external actions to each payment - such as monitoring solutions, Processing Payment Decision based on AML Rules.

• General payment integrator with workflow-based payment status of each type for payment

• Interaction with communication modules of the payment systems (SEPA, SWIFT, MasterCard, VISA, Blockchain)

• Forward payments to ABS

ABS (Automatic Banking System) - the accounting for payments systems in accordance with the international accounting standards, built on the basis of BPM principles. If necessary, the system interacts with card front systems to maintain equivalent financial and available balances for card products.

• Accounting operations

• Preparation of financial and supervisory reports.

• Generation of the annual report with all applications.

Web-based interface, which gives final users a unified access to all connected modules. System allows to grant access to complex data according to the rights, defined by user roles.

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