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Modern highly automated core banking system. Modules can be purchased separately, or as a turnkey, all-in-one solution

Web and mobile applications - client access to financial products.

Fintech Application Management system an application management system, with the following functions:

Customer rights management for initiating and confirming payments

Support of the various two-factor payment confirmation solutions

Ensuring safe application connection with core modules

CRM (Customer Relation Module) is a modern system built on the basis of BPM principles (Business Process Management), where all operations with customer data and products are defined as workflow and thus allow standardising their processing and interaction with external systems. Supports features:

Remote/On board customer registration

Verification of customer data from external sources (blacklists, scoring, etc.)

Maintaining links between customers and products defined by law

Web-based interface, which gives final users a unified access to all connected modules. System allows to grant access to complex data according to the rights, defined by user roles.

Payment Module - a module for all incoming and outgoing payments processing. A modern system built on the basis of BPM principles. All types of payments are processed on the basis of workflow. That allows us to store additional metadata with each payment (further used in reporting and post processing payments) and also to connect external actions to each payment - such as monitoring solutions, Processing Payment Decision based on AML Rules.

General payment integrator with workflow-based payment status of each type for payment

Interaction with communication modules of the payment systems (SEPA, SWIFT, MasterCard, VISA, Blockchain)

Forward payments to ABS

ABS (Automatic Banking System) - the accounting for payments systems in accordance with the international accounting standards, built on the basis of BPM principles. If necessary, the system interacts with card front systems to maintain equivalent financial and available balances for card products.

Accounting operations

Preparation of financial and supervisory reports

Generation of the annual report with all applications


Our fintech solutions can be provided on a white label approach, or as custom-tailored separate modules

Crypto module: SDK module, which should be implemented into client applications to communicate with crypto broker system. It provides the following options:

Possibility to show current crypto currency amounts of customer's crypto broker account

Crypto-crypto exchange

Crypto-fiat, fiat-crypto exchange with the supply of fiat from customer's linked financial institution account

Transactions history

Client support chat: the system which may be installed into client applications and served as a communication tool between clients and financial organisation and/or crypto broker. Should be used with following components:

3 tier clients support (possibility to separate and pass clients chat between different tiers with different level of expertise)

Possibility to communicate with customer via WhatsApp chat

Multiple client supporting manager (even remote) processing customers requests, possibility to temporally exclude one or the group of managers (if for example they are not serve customers at the moment)

Crypto broker back office solution: the system which includes the following components:

Double entry bookkeeping system

Operations processing module with 'cold' and 'hot' wallets for incoming and outgoing blockchain operations

External crypto currency stock exchange integration module

Accounting data report module

Bonus program module. We have a possibility to integrate external bonus program suppliers with our banking software (to pay bonuses based on client activity or let bonuses be used within payments workflow)

Online Insurance module which allows users to get an online insurance quotes, tailor and purchase an insurance policy instantly.


Amiran Guruli

Technical Director Fintech product development

An experienced engineer with strong IT background. Has over 25 years of experience in software and hardware development. Developed multiple IT projects varying from advertising network to complex fintech solutions. Experienced in managing IT projects and implementing advanced new technologies. Key skills - automation systems development.

Olegs Cernisevs

Technical Director Product development for Financial Market

Strong managerial background with senior level local/international experience and cross sector exposure make unique competence simultaneously in fields of: IT project management (International payment systems, Cards payment systems), Corporate accounting, Customer support including Direct Banking, AML. With more then 20 years in European Banking and more then 15 years in European Bank Management.

Dr. Alfred Orlowski

Member of the Supervisory Board Tax consultant in "Schmidt & Partner GmbH"

Since 1990 managing director and manager of medium-sized consulting companies in Berlin and Brandenburg with regional, supraregional and international connections in the care of clients from the industry, the craft, services, software houses and various financing institutions as well as health professionals. From 1972 to 1976, he studied business administration with a degree as a graduate engineer economist and in 1987 received his doctorate. oec. From 1984 to 1990 senior assistant at the Cottbus University of Applied Sciences, Business Administration.

Gabrielle Wahnschapp

Member of the Supervisory Board Lawyer in "ETL Rechtsanwälte GmbH"

Years of experience in the field of legal advice, always oriented towards economic considerations, goal-oriented and solution-oriented work, with special qualifications in the areas of employment law, building law, family law, underpinned by the expertise in the above areas.Lecturer for the BTU Cottbus, the Technical Academy Wuppertal and the International Business Academy Cottbus.

Our team has a strongest expertise in the field of the financial technology. Each of our top managers has over 20 years experience in management of banking and fintech organizations. In addition to the world-class IT professionals, our team has industry leading banking accounting and AML specialists. The greatest accomplishment we are proud of, is the installation speed of our products for new organizations. We are able to deploy a full banking complex from whithin 6-8 months from the ground up, to work with more than 1 million customers, including accounting, card module, AML module, customer registration and verification, CRM module, external API for all major payment systems. The company not only researches and introduces new technologies, but also creates them in fintech. We are happy to note our original solutions, such as:

KYC and AML automation procedures

Crypto-exchange with the bank-compatible accounting

Applications and next-generation online banking with the broadest user experience

The K2FINTECH team develops the financial technology market by implementing its products every day and as a result makes the financial world accessible and friendly for both clients and professionals.


K2FINTECH has a wide range of competences in the crypto industry

Among the implemented projects are several turnkey cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to technical work on trading platforms, the company has developed all the regulatory documents and procedures required for the work. Today, K2FINTECH has an extensive database of ready-made cases to launch a crypto exchange from scratch in any suitable jurisdiction. One of K2FINTECH's specializations is developing and issuing tokens for various purposes for clients, listing on crypto exchanges, full support of ICO and STO procedures.

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In this issue

Cryptocurrency exchange software requirements specifications

We have developed a number of financial software solutions, one of which is a Cryptocurrency Exchange. It was developed based on our extensive experience and market research. It can be purchased not only as a turn-key solution, but also as a comprehensive Software Requirements Specifications document to help you develop your own software product. It considers the wishes of the vast majority of users, and provides all necessary information. This document articulates, in writing, the needed capabilities, functions, innovations, and constraints of a software development project. Cryptocurrency exchange software requirement specifications describe all elements (functional and nonfunctional areas), how the software works and interacts with users, and what problems the software will solve. This document then serves as a "parent" document to support the design and development process. This document can save time in multi-layer team communication including design, validation, testing and overall user acceptance. Contact us for consultation or purchase: clients@k2fintech.com

Table of contents:

1 Cryptocurrency exchange market positioning

Distinctive features of the exchange

Market Research

Existing cryptocurrency exchanges types

Pros and cons of existing cryptocurrency exchanges

Tariff policies of cryptocurrency exchanges

2 Cryptocurrency exchange architecture

Exchange components schematic diagram

Database tables required for the match

Queue management system




-Session update


General purpose



-Order book


Trading API

-Order Placing

-Order Cancellation

-Order Status


-Withdraw Status

3 Authorization and identification subsystem

4 Directory subsystem

5 Internal accounting subsystem

Exchange components schematic diagram

6 Transaction matching subsystem

Orders types

Placing orders

Transactions processing

Activation logic of stop-limit orders

Matching algorithm

An example of prioritizing order processing in matching

Types of fees

7 Reporting subsystem

8 Trading terminal interface

Trading terminal controls layout

Currency pairs selecting

Current balance and position

Order book

Trading history

Sell/Buy order placement

Monitoring and managing orders

Graphical representation of trading history

Switching to the user's profile

9 User profile interface

Verification interface

Trading terminal settings

Orders management

The history of user orders

User transactions history

Balances - deposit and withdraw

Funding management interface

Cryptocurrency replenishment

Funds withdraw page

Deposits and withdrawals history

10 Exchange administrator account

Exchange components technical monitoring and management

Crypto nodes control

Crypto transactions queue monitoring and management

Communication channels monitoring

Technical logs


Cold wallets management

11 Exchange manager profile

Tariff settings

Customers segmentation

Deposit/withdraw of the exchange funds

Cold wallets liquidity management

Exchanging funds with partner platforms

Balance sheets and exchange positions

Payment queue management

Crypto payment queue management

Fiat payment queue management

12 Client support subsystem

Personal account manager support

Support workflow settings


13 Crypto wallets subsystem

14 Technical requirements

Consumer metrics

Hardware and software requirements


K2FINTECH is a socially oriented international company

As part of its social work, the Company has implemented several non-core projects, including education, women's health, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, health protection and prevention of viral diseases. Most of the content of these projects is available to users free of charge. Where the company makes a profit from selling its products, a significant part of it goes to charity programs.

Elisabeth App

The new generation lifestyle app for women, that provides periods tracking, pregnancy calendar, nutritions plans with recipes and training programs - elisabeth.app


This project was created to improve the general level of education by learning foreign languages from native speakers - lingopump.com

Dr. Haute

The main goal of this project is to prevent the spread of the virus, but also to preserve the beauty and health of the skin from drying out after using antiseptics - drhaute.com

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